domingo, 8 de julho de 2012

Inglês em quadrinhos - DIlbert - Scott Adams

Fancy - of superior grade; fine
Place - a business establishment
Afraid - filled with regret or concern. Used especially to soften an unpleasant statement
Complimentary - given free to repay a favor or as an act of courtesy
To wear - to carry or have on the person as covering, adornment, or protection
Beaver - a large aquatic rodent of the genus Castor, having thick brown fur, webbed hind feet, a broad flat tail, and sharp incisors adapted for gnawing bark, felling trees, and constructing dams and underwater lodges
Clown - a buffoon or jester who entertains by jokes, antics, and tricks in a circus, play, or other presentation
Narrowly - by a very little
To avoid - to prevent from happening


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