segunda-feira, 24 de outubro de 2011

Inglês em quadrinhos - Liberty Meadows - Frank Cho

Stomach - the abdomen or belly
Bag - a container of flexible material, such as paper, plastic, or leather, that is used for carrying or storing items
Candy - a rich sweet confection made with sugar and often flavored or combined with fruits or nut
Monkey - any of various long-tailed, medium-sized members of the order Primates, including the macaques, baboons, guenons, capuchins, marmosets, and tamarins and excluding the anthropoid apes and the prosimians
Ass - anus


sexta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2011

Inglês em quadrinhos - Monty - Jim Meddick

Living - the condition or action of maintaining life
Unruly - difficult or impossible to discipline, control, or rule.
To slobber - to let saliva drivel from the mouth
To suppose - to consider to be probable or likely
To laugh - to show or feel amusement or good humor
Combos - a type of snack LINK
Treat - something, such as one's food or entertainment, that is paid for by someone else.


quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2011

Inglês em quadrinhos - Calvin & Hobbes - Bill Waterson

Bedtime - the time at which one goes to bed
Bed - a piece of furniture for reclining and sleeping, typically consisting of a flat, rectangular frame and a mattress resting on springs.
Busy - occupied
Once upon a time - a long time ago
Way - an individual or personal manner of behaving, acting, or doing
Sick of - bored by or annoyed with through excessive exposure
To lock - to confine or exclude by or as if by means of a lock
Basement - the lowest habitable story of a building, usually below ground level.
Ever - always


quarta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2011

Inglês em quadrinhos - Garfield - Jim Davis

To shrink - to become or cause to become smaller in size
Thank goodness - I am pleased or happy. Usage notes: often used instead of the more offensive idiom thank God
To fit - to be the proper size and shape for:
Though - despite the fact that; although


quarta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2011

Inglês em quadrinhos - Space avalanche - Eoin Ryan

To face - to overcome by confronting boldly or bravely
Fear - a reason for dread or apprehension
To breathe - to inhale and exhale (air, for example) during respiration
Deep - coming from or penetrating to a depth
To become - to come to be; develop or grow into